Day Old Chicks: 

There is a minimum order of 6 chicks.  All chicks are sold as straight run, meaning they are unsexed and could grow up to be hens or roosters.  We ship chicks Mondays through Wednesdays USPS Priority Express.  As needed, they will be provided with Grogel, vegetables/hard boiled eggs, and heat packs.  When possible, we will add an extra chick or two in the shipment, based on the availability of the breed.  We guarantee live arrival of our shipped chicks, as long as they are delivered within 2 days of shipping.  If any losses are occurred, refunds will be given (or store credit if the customer prefers) for the amount of the lost chicks.  We don’t refund shipping charges.


Hatching Eggs:

Hatching Eggs ship Mondays and Tuesdays (unless the customer makes other arrangements) USPS Priority mail.  We regularly check for fertility by doing test hatches, but we do not guarantee hatch rates.  There are too many variables once the eggs leave our possession, including USPS handling and incubation practices.  We individually bubble wrap every egg, plus double box each shipment, and include extra eggs when possible.


Local Pick Up:

 We are happy to have customers stop by the farm and pick up their orders.  We do request that an appointment is made to make sure someone is home and available.  Thank you.


Returns and Refunds:

In general, we do not issue refunds or accept returns.

          Canned Goods -  If there is an issue with any of our canned goods, contact us and we will do our best to rectify the situation.

          Hatching Eggs – We do not accept returns or issue refunds for hatching eggs. 

          Chickens – We can not accept any returns of live birds once they have left our farm due to biosecurity reasons.  The only refunds we do for live birds is for losses in our shipped day old chicks.